Designing the album artwork for Gemini's debut album, Appalachian Simulation, was a stellar process end to end. Designing a vinyl package was a very different experience than designing artwork that would only live on streaming services. I had to consider the world these records would live in and where consumers would interact with them.

Gemini Album Cover


Vinyl collectors place a high value on album artwork. These consumers will splurge on albums that they feel are unique, will stand out in their collection, and could be used as a display piece. It was important to create a design that would jump out against dozens of other records on the shelves or make a shopper stop flipping through records if they came across it while digging through a crate.


The album, Appalachian Simulation, explores the nexus of 21st century technology and rural America, feminism, and coming of age in a rapidly changing time. Their sound is heavily influenced by psychedelic groups of the 70s but has a modern, lofi, freak folk quality to it.


I wanted the design to be familiar and surreal at the same time. I incorporated some of my own photography along with the oversized, misplaced moons not only for their supernatural quality but also to reflect the group's name, Gemini, and their continued references to astrology and the cosmos. Gemini, the word itself Latin for "twins", is literally reflected in both the double moon and overall reflection of the image

Imagine a mobile, wood burning sauna designed to be affordable and accessible to the community. Sounds great, right? Mobile sauna's like this have popped up in a few states over the past couple of years and Szauna wants to bring one to the people of Philadelphia.

Sauna's have many health benefits and having one on wheels, sort of like a tiny house, could bring it's benefits to groups of individuals who would not have acceess to a sauna otherwise.

Szauna is in the prototype stages right now and I am working with them on branding and digital design. To get started, I created a system of icons to be used on their website and social media.

Graphic Design Icons for Social Media
Towel Icon
Thermometer Icon
Fire Icon

String instruments are interesting, finicky objects.

String them up one way, you have an electric guitar. String them up another way and swap the body out and you get a cello, or a banjo. I grew up playing the violin and often felt it's persistent, deep, unique qualities resonate within myself.

I worked on this fun set of string instrument icons with a friend. Just like music, design is fun when you share the process with someone.

I had creative control over the cello and the Gibson Explorer.

There's something about every major music streaming app that I have an issue with.

On Spotify, it's the way the library is organized. Apple Music and Google Play just don't do it for me. SoundCloud has a great interface but doesn't have the catalogue to match.

You could say I am nitpicky, but in reality, I just know exactly what I like.

I decided to design my dream music streaming app, starting with some icons. Here are the first six. Leave a comment below and let me know what you'd have in your dream streaming app.

Music Icon Export Web