New Tune Alert: Kelsey Cork & the Swigs Release New Single

Kelsey Corcoran wants to be the next Karen O.

Or the next Kesha. The next mega-talented, revered rock babe leading the world's biggest party. She probably will be one day.

She leads Kelsey Cork and the Swigs, a DIY rock and roll trio. Corcoran provides guitar and vocals and is backed by Jacinda Arellano on bass and Ramon Gadea on drums.

They released their first official single, Center City Blues, on November 6th. Released intentionally on Election Day and deep in Scorpio season, it was set to make an impact and they've already received some great coverage from The Key and Deli Magazine.

Corcoran, a Scorpio herself, is part of a long list of kick ass Scorpio musicians. Grace Slick, Joni Mitchell, Bjork, and our supreme pop idol Carly Rae Jepson all also have birthdays this season.

Photo: Alyssa Resh

"Center City Blues" is aptly named. The tune and chorus follow classic blues patterns and the lyrics dose out some anti-establishment punk feels.

Cork covers themes of commodity, societal expectations, and existential happiness throughout the lyrics.  Questioning the people she sees in Center City every day, or 'suits',

You proud of where you lay your head when the day is done
Do you lay awake worrying about who you bought your pillow from

You can play pretend
But are you having fun

The chorus spells her message out for us,

Who's looking down, who's looking down on who
Who's looking up, who's looking up to you

"Center City Blues" is released on Good How Are You Records, engineered by Lauren Delucca of the local punk set up Coping Skills, mixed by Henry Wilson and mastered by Elaine Rasnake.

It's always great to see a woman engineer credited on a track, there aren't enough of them in the music industry.

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