Songs I Played on Repeat: September 2018

September was a wild month. Here are a few tracks I've had on repeat.

I was kind of late to the party on Japanese Breakfast. I just started listening to Michelle Zauner's soft, intoxicating pop rock a few weeks ago and could only wonder how I'd been asleep on it for so long.

Zauner's music is relatable and comfortable to me. The hypnotic beats and synths mixed with rock sounds and pure vocals suck me in. I feel like I hear myself in her music, I like that.

I wanted to see her at Johnny Brenda's for her three night hometown show series around New Years, but all three nights are sold out 😭


This song came on a Grimes radio station one day. I clicked through her name after maybe three seconds of listening to the song because I wanted more.

A lot of ABRA's music has more of a dark-wave pop sound than this. I live for vocals and drums that sound sharp and hard and weird and haunted all at once.



I like music that sounds like you're floating. The synths at the beginning of this song make me feel like we're taking off to a soft dream pop cloud.

Japanese Breakfast is featured on this remix (I can't get enough of her recently), and her sweet airy, vocals are like a bite of perfect cotton candy.


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