Case Study: Content Strategy for an Unpaid Overtime Attorney

The client in this case was an attorney whose legal practice focused on unpaid wage and overtime litigation. He was licensed in multiple states and targeting clients in all of them.

Our goals for the client were ultimately to increase his search rankings for targeted keywords. We also wanted to engage with digital audiences and establish his voice as a thought leader in his sector by providing fresh, relevant, and helpful content to both other attorneys and individuals who may be in need of his services.

Our client's focused on helping individuals who had nowhere else to turn when faced with the problem of not being paid what they are owed by an employer. This is a particularly vulnerable situation for anybody to be in and we wanted to use content to highlight both his empathetic nature and expertise in unpaid wage law.



Research and Strategy

After identifying the project goals with the rest of my team, I conducted a round of SEO research. I consulted available data and was able to pinpoint what was bringing users to our client's website and what related topics they were looking for.

I found that site traffic was largely driven by questions regarding minimum wage and unpaid overtime laws in different states (searches like, "minimum wage laws Minnesota" "unpaid overtime regulations Florida").

The client already had some incoming site traffic, we wanted to beef up the content to better suit the users needs and increase conversions.

I conducted a competitive analysis and a content audit to identify what on our client's website was bringing in the most traffic, what could be revised, and what needed to go.

Content Creation and Design

After we finished the research phase, my team and I began to brainstorm content for his website based on the information we collected during the discovery process.

We decided to build out a series of shareable infographics, web page content, and start a blog post campaign. The infographics and blog posts were designed to answer the questions our users were asking but also serve as SEO and link building content.

All of the new content worked towards our goal of establishing the client as an authority figure in his field.


Following Up The Content Creation

After we built out some content, I started to network with bloggers who ran popular websites with audiences similar to the audiences our client was looking to target.

I built relationships with these targeted bloggers and was eventually able to publish content on their sites.

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 11.26.56 AM

My client was welcomed as a regular guest contributor on several high traffic sites that valued his expertise in the field. This gave us the opportunity to continually create fresh, relevant content that established him as a thought leader in the community and sent some SEO juice back to his website.

From an SEO perspective, the fresh content and link building increased the client's site traffic by 117%.

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 11.40.03 PM
Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 11.37.02 PM