Case Study: Content Strategy for an Unpaid Overtime Attorney

More often than not, civil attorneys have a bad reputation online. We were looking to change that.

The client, an attorney whose practice focused on unpaid wage and overtime litigation, was looking to engage with digital audiences and establish his voice as an authority figure in the sector. His work focused on helping individuals who had nowhere else to turn when faced with the problem of not being paid what they are owed.

We took that idea and ran with it. We decided to create a series of shareable infographics and embark on a guest blogging campaign for the dual purpose of serving as high quality, authorative content as well as functioning for link building.

We conducted a content audit, competitor research, and keyword research to learn what people were coming to his site for and where the holes were in the content.


In this case, site traffic was largely driven by questions regarding minimum wage, unpaid overtime, and the laws regarding these topicis state by state.

We  proceeded to build out a series of infographics, web page content, and blog posts full of new information based on what we learned in the discovery process.



After the initial push of content creation, I networked with bloggers who ran popular websites with readerships similar to the audience we were aiming to target for the client.

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 11.26.56 AM

I worked with bloggers and site managers together to create blog posts with information based on feedback from their readers and followers.

The expert content was welcome and met with excellent feedback from readers.

From an SEO perspective, the fresh content and link building increased the client's site traffic by 117%.

The client was welcomed as a regular guest contributor on several high traffic sites that valued his expertise, giving us the opportunity to continually create fresh, relevant content.

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