As a designer, I am interested in visual communication and user experience, typography, pop culture, postmodernism, and the internet as a cultural experience.

Gemini Album Cover

Gemini, a psychedelic folk band, wanted artwork for their first vinyl release that would attract new listeners and stand out next to other records.

A bit about the design process over on my blog. You can check it out here.

Beve: Make Cocktails Out of Anything

Beve is an app that will generate cocktail recipes based off of user preferences and easily accessible ingredients they may have in their pantry.

Cocktail recipes will generate through interactive quizzes and the app will learn the user's preferences overtime to generate new recipes and suggest cocktails. Below is a preview of the first few screens of the app.

This is an active work in progress, more to come soon!

Beve Mockup 1

A Bridal Shower Invitation

The client wanted something light, airy, and feminine for a tea party brunch celebrating a bride known for her love of purples, British traditions, and meaningful moments spent with friends and family.

Bridal Shower Invite Back

Bloom Cards, A Positivity Postcard Project

Coordinated by the girls over at Green Thumb, designers were enlisted to create postcards inspired by a list of positive affirmations.

The phrase, "You're Radiant", jumped out at me right away. I wanted to use the words themselves to convey a sense of warmth, sunshine, and radiance.

The cards will be printed and mailed out randomly to brighten someone's day.

Bloom Greeting Cards

Web Icons for a Community Sauna

You can read more about the design process for this project over on my blog here.

Graphic Design Icons for Social Media

Print Ad for a Local Business

The client wanted a print ad turned around in 12 hours for her beach community's local directory. She splurged on the space for a full page color ad and wanted something that would be eye catching but approachable.

We settled on using three photos and kept the type and message simple and straightforward.

Printed Magazine Ad