Songs I Played on Repeat: August 2018

It's summer time and it's coming to an end. I come alive in the summer and try to hang onto every last drop of it.

I love music that makes me feel like I'm in warm, beautiful places, standing under a starry sky, and having the best party ever. Here's what I've been listening to the past month.

I don't know exactly when I became an Ariana Grande fan, but as of this moment I am fully on board. I was excited for Sweetener to drop and wasn't disappointed in the slightest.

God is a woman is excellent. I love the video and all of the queer/sexual/religious imagery happening in there. I find myself singing the hook around my house, struggling to hit the high notes.


Last month I went to the Brooklyn Mirage for AnjunaDeep Open Air NYC 2018. It was an incredible way to spend my birthday weekend and the highlight of my summer in every way.

The AnjunaDeep roster is stacked with producers that I love (Yotto, Dusky, Eli & Fur all deserve a mention here) but Lane 8 is my favorite.

His music is euphoric, melodic, emotional, with soaring synths and tunes that give you chills. Seeing him life was a high that I can bring back every time I blast one of his tracks. Here's one of my favorite tracks.

"Havana" makes me feel like I am back in Miami, walking down South Beach, burning in the sun, dancing at clubs, sneaking into hotel pools, eating ceviche, and ignoring my phone. It's a good feeling.

There is something about this song I can't put into words. It's like a taste of something delicious that you can't describe specifically. It's some sort of hypnotizing, methodical, building joy that I feel when Four Tet cycles us through this remix.

I like this song so much that I bought it on iTunes, this month, in 2018, effectively adding it to my desert island music playlist.

Except in this case, it's more like a hypothetical streaming-stranded-no-wifi island, where I'm stuck with power but only with the music from my iTunes that I have downloaded onto my phone. If that ever happens let me tell you, it'll be a weird mix, but at least I'll have this great Four Tet and Bicep bob to listen to on repeat when the time comes.

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