Case Study: Social Media Content Strategy and Branding

The Project

I worked with The Pink Daisy, a bridal registry and gift shop in Yardley, Pennsylvania to update their brand, improve their social media content, and increase online engagement.

Linda Tabas, the owner of The Pink Daisy, is very passionate about her work. She loves to work with brides to create their registries and help customers find the perfect housewarming, engagement, and holiday gifts for their loved ones. The personal experience customers have when shopping at The Pink Daisy is unlike what you'd get at a larger department store. Her customers come back year after year for her hands on, personalized service.

It was important to convey this passion through the new branding and messaging. The storefront has been open for more than 40 years in Yardley and they have a thriving eCommerce business as well.

Her customers are familiar with the brand so she diid not want to make a major change, just an update for social media and digital content. We kept the existing logo and pulled some new colors to enhance the current color palette.

Research and Branding

We brainstormed brand adjectives based off of The Pink Daisy's values and the feelings they wanted their customers to have when shopping at the store and viewing their digital content.

I further researched The Pink Daisy's best selling brands, their competitors, and influencers that commanded similar audiences to ones that we were looking to target. I took all of this information and used it to build out new brand guidelines and a content strategy for social media.

The new branding and content resulted in a 210% increase in followers over 3 months and a 155% increase in engagement.


Additionally, I created new visual assets for their social media, reorganized the information on their Facebook page to better match visitor's needs, and used all available resources to tell the story of The Pink Daisy.

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